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Schrödingers Produkt

„If a company makes a high-quality product, but user’s don’t find it sexy or appealing, does that product exist?“ Fragt Kathy Sierra und gibt zehn Ratschläge, wie die lebensnotwendige Begehrlichkeit zu wecken ist:

  1. Pay attention to style.
  2. Pay attention to the emotional appeal.
  3. Show it in action… with real people.
  4. Don’t use pictures of generic shiny happy people that have become cliches.
  5. Make sure it’s clear to prospective users how this helps them kick ass.
  6. Appeal to as many senses as possible.
  7. Make it meaningful.
  8. Make it justifiable, so the user doesn’t have to feel guilty.
  9. Support a community of users.
  10. Never underestimate the power of fun.

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