Mal wieder rebooten

“Spread the word via blogging, email, im, etc. about reboot9” – wollen wir hiermit gerne tun.
Was liegt an?

„It’s time to reboot our minds once again.”

Wo und wann?

“reboot9 will take place in Copenhagen Thursday, May 31 and Friday, June 1 2007.”

Was ist reboot9?

“Like last year there isn’t a final speakers list or a black box creation model. reboot is a platform for bringing the European (and beyond) community together, a platform for conversations and relationships, a platform for sharing visions and meeting the people you never knew you’d meet. So the platform is all yours, and this is an invitation to participate and help co-create reboot.”

Und worum geht’s?

“The theme for reboot9 is ‚human?‘. A big word, but a word that saturates what’s happening and all ready on a deeper level has been transcending reboot the last couple of years.
So when all is in going away from mechanical industrial models to human natural models where this is leading us? What is our shared understanding of ‚human‘? How do we organize ourselves in human institutions and organizations? How are our tools shaping us as humans, how are we shaping our tools?