in Social Media is an Online Shop in a Nutshell

Tired of Ebay? Looking for a simple and do-it-yourself, social-media-enabled e-commerce solution? Then you should check out With, you can create quick listings for your product or service, put it online and just sell. Nothing more then name, price and description is needed, you can even do without a picture (of course you shouldn’t).
Other options include donating the resulting money to charity, and name a location for your product or service in case that’s relevant. Share your listing on Facebook, Twitter and Google Product Search or integrate a simple shop on your blog or website. That’s all. Payment service is provided by Paypal, without other options. is amazing because of its simplicity. The whole setup is so easy and straightforward that it can be done in just one minute or even less. The downside is of course that the service lacks many features you might want to use, for example ratings for products and sellers. But their roadmap look promising, with features like an API on the way.
As launched last February, the service itself isn’t yet a marketplace like Ebay, Etsy or Amazon with a huge audience of potential buyers. But if you already have your own audience on Facebook, Twitter, your website or blog, maybe just the tool you need to sell something to the people that follow you.
But, and that’s a huge „but“, as takes a five per cent commission (and Paypal deducts another chunk of your money), you need to stomach that. In many cases Ebay or Amazon might still be the better choice, taking less money and bringing in huge amounts of potential buyers, even though the selling process is not as easy as with
Hat tips to Denkzelle and Mashable.