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Facebook and Twitter Users Spend More Online

Need a reason why you should invest in a brand presence on Facebook or Twitter? Have a look at this research recently published by Comscore. According to their findings, heavy users on Facebook and Twitter spend more money online than average users.
Comscore defines heavy users as the top 20 per cent of visitors by time spent on the site, medium users as the next 30 per cent and light users as the lowest 50 per cent. The average e-commerce spending per visitor increases in correlation with the Facebook usage. Compare the numbers with the average Internet user who spent slightly less than 50 US-Dollars in the first quarter of 2010. Or, as eMarketer puts it:

Notably, Internet users who did not visit Facebook at all bought significantly less online than average, spending only $27 during the quarter. Not only are retailers on Facebook targeting above-average spenders, but the audience missing from the site is also worth much less in revenues.

On Twitter, we see a different picture, with even higher average spendings, but without a linear correlation between Twitter usage and spendings. What Facebook and Twitter users have in common is that they spend more money online than non-users.
Please note that these figures apply to the US market. Don’t know if there are similar figures available for Germany or Europe.
Hat tips to eMarketer and s2planning.