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First Steps with TheDeadline Somewhat Mixed

Last week at Google I/O, a tiny but interesting start-up from Hamburg debuted. It’s called TheDeadline and has something to do with task management and project management. I took some time today to try it out, and my first impressions are somewhat mixed.
First of all, I wasn’t able to login with one of my Google Apps accounts. This may be my fault, but TheDeadline isn’t very verbose on this. Second, I didn’t see the promised integration with Google Contacts and Google Calendar. This may be related to the first problem.
Third, the interface looks geeky and somewhat clumsy. This may stem from TheDeadline’s origin at Hamburg-based IT service provider and also be the handwriting of Lars Hinrichs who recently invested in TheDeadline. But this may change over time, as Lars has already proven with Xing that he founded in 2003. Xing went public in 2006 and was later sold to Burda.
I’ve quickly hacked in some to-dos and particulary liked the tagging functionality. Didn’t see anything of the touted artificial intelligence yet, but that remains to be seem. TheDeadline definitely made it to my watchlist.