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WePad or iPad, That is the Question next10 will Answer

Things are really heating up in the fight between Goliath and David that the battle between Neofonie’s WePad and Apple’s iPad turns out to be, at least in Germany. This week, the WePad was presented for the second time to journalists in Berlin. And this time, things obviously went better than at first try.

While the WePad won’t be available before August, pre-orders started this week on Amazon, thus beating the iPad that still isn’t available in Germany, but can be pre-ordered starting May 10, scheduled to be delivered by the end of May. The German publishing industry hails the WePad as the Holy Grail that will save their struggling business models.
But the public in general seems to be less optimistic: When Internet World Business asked their readers wether the WePad has a chance to compete with Apple’s iPad, the majority answered „No“. There weren’t too many votes, but the trend is still clear. A prophet hath no honour in his own country.
At next10 which kicks off in just 12 days, Neofonie’s CEO Helmut Hoffer von Ankershoffen will present the WePad to the audience. So in case you want to grasp what all this fuzz is about and didn’t grab your ticket yet, you might want to register now.
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That doesn’t sound bad, does it? And all you’ve got to do is get your discounted Regular Ticket (€ 790+Fee+VAT) for both conference days until May 5th. Afterwards keep your fingers crossed: Maybe you’ll be the lucky 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th or 50th, hence lucky iPad winner!
For all those not winning the iPads, don’t worry, you won’t go away empty-handed. With your ticket you’re securing yourself a seat in the talks of the digital world’s quality speakers: Join us in celebrating Dennis Crowley, the man behind Foursquare, and Louis Rossetto, with his techie chocolate TCHO.
You definitely shouldn’t miss out on Pablos Holman who was engaged in developing the smallest computer in the world, and Peter Lovatt alias Dr Dance. He’ll make you move your feet. A highlight for sure will be John Rogers, Game Changer in the automotive industry with Local Motors.
Check out the full list of speakers and the programme right now. And keep in mind to register and win your iPad with the Code next10iPad. Good luck!