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John B. Roger, Jr. and the Future of Automotive

What do the next-generation car companies look like? According to John B. Rogers, Jr. they look like Local Motors. The President, CEO and Co-Founder changed the way cars are designed, built, and owned totally.
The vehicles are produced in regional micro-factories, which are a groundbreaking fusion of advanced, small-volume manufacturing and unprecedented ownership experiences. This open business model is significantly more capital efficient than traditional automotive companies, and participation is driven primarily through low-cost digital marketing strategies, including social media.
As former Marine, Rogers gained first-hand understanding of military involvement necessary to maintain an automotive world reliant on oil. His aim: to produce lightweight and efficient vehicles, reducing waste and reliance on oil at the same time, and still having long term, sustainable profit potential.
Add an eco-friendly production process to an eco-friendly end product: This adds up to Local Motors. You want to know more about the future of automotive? John Rogers is one of the speakers at next10 and for sure a highlight on May 11 and 12 in Berlin.
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