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Checking out the checking-in game foursquare

Maybe it’s because he has won the „Fast Money“ bonus round on Family Feud, a TV game show. Dennis Crowley co-founded foursquare, a mobile service that mixes social, locative and gaming elements to encourage people explore the cities in which they live. „Think coupons, but with rich data and gaming thrown in“, is how Mac Slocum puts it in his recent interview with Dennis at the O’Reilly Radar.
While foursquare kicked off slowly in March last year, its user rates have gone up enormously lately. Why is it that the location app has become so popular? Is it because everyone can now reveal their hidden gambling passion? Let’s see how it works: Check-in anywhere you are, let your friends know, see where your friends are, share experiences and on top of all that you collect points for just about anything you do on foursquare. Sounds easy, but what’s in it for me?
Dennis explains the success like this:

The game mechanics are the secret sauce. They keep people engaged long enough to see the interesting things that happen when they participate frequently.

Photo © David Brabyn

It hasn’t stopped at checking-in to locations, but also cabs or playgrounds are now on the list. A rewarding system is also included, being a „mayor“ of your favourite café may get you a free drink.
You’d like to learn more about how foursquare and Dennis changed the game? Simply check-in at next10! We’re happy to welcome Dennis as a speaker in May.