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Foursquare is the new Twitter

If you are an early adopter in the social media space, chances are that you already know about Foursquare. And more than that – you are probably already busy checking in at various locations, aiming to become the mayor and earn a new badge or two. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Don’t panic, it’s still very early in the game.
Foursquare could be described as a simplified Qype crossed with Twitter and some gaming aspects added, thus being potentially addictive. Only recently, Foursquare added 50 more cities, some of them in Europe, including Hamburg. If you sign up for Foursquare, you can easily find the usual suspects you already follow on Twitter or friended in Facebook.
And then the game begins. Check-in from your mobile phone at various venues, and you may also give a Twitter-like shout at your buddies. If you are the person who checked in more often than anyone else, Foursquare dubs you „The Mayor“ of that place, as long as nobody checks in more often.
Foursquare may well become the next Twitter. Of course this depends on many variables, but the early adopter crowd already has their vote cast. Ok, maybe Gowalla will be surpass Foursquare in Europe, but that’s another story.