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Crispin Porter & Bogusky erneut Agency of the Year

Als unser Kreativgeschäftsführer vor ein paar Tagen mit mir über die Sprecher auf der next09 sprach, galt seine erste Frage einer Agentur aus Miami: „Kommt der Typ von Crispin Porter & Bogusky?“
Kein Wunder, ist Crispin Porter & Bogusky doch gerade wieder von AdAge zur Agency of the Year gekürt worden. [via]

The simple fact is that any reasonable survey of today’s agency landscape won’t turn up a shop remotely as successful on all levels as Crispin has been in the past few years and, especially, in 2008. First, there’s the growth story. Last year marked a return to actively pursuing new business, with the agency picking up work from Microsoft, Old Navy and a slew of smaller clients which, combined, helped Crispin swell 15% to some $140 million in revenue and nearly 900 staffers in Miami and Boulder, Colo.

But what might be most interesting is what just six of those staffers are working on: making Crispin a force in product design. The half-dozen-strong design unit in Boulder has hatched a public bike-rental program, created a portable, pen version of WD-40 and developed an eco-friendly sponge, among other things. The unit builds off a robust product-design sensibility in the agency, particularly manifested in its relationship with Burger King. Crispin creative Rob Reilly’s hands were all over BK’s popular Chicken Fries as well as its coffee and Burger Shots sliders, not to mention a (ew) meat-scented cologne called Flame.

Going light years further than other ad agencies on design makes Crispin much more valuable than your average maker of ad widgets simply because it’s able to affect product before the marketing is done — and even create brand-new revenue streams.

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Um die Frage zu beantworten: Ja, er kommt. Steven Erich, Partner & Group Account Director, wird auf der next09 sprechen. Zu unserer großen Freude.