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Apropos Scobleizer

Er bringt mal wieder brilliant auf den Punkt, was Kommunikation 2.0 ausmacht:

Did you miss that I turned into an international news story that has gotten more attention than everything Microsoft announced at its big TechED conference this week?

How did I do that?

I talked with the grassroots FIRST. Against the advice, by the way, of a lot of PR people (they wanted me to break the news to Walt Mossberg or someone „important“ first — they thought that’s how I was going to get the biggest story going).

They all are wrong. I almost bought into it too. In fact, I did. On Saturday I talked with maybe 20 people and said „can you wait until Tuesday to talk about it?“ I wanted to give the story to the Wall Street Journal too. Not to mention I wanted to tell my coworkers before the story hit. I didn’t get that chance and I’m lucky, in hindsight, that I didn’t. Because the story started on the grassroots first it got far far bigger than if I broke it on a big newspaper.

It’s a lesson I’ll never forget again.

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