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Web 2.0 oder Web 1.0?

Gern hätte ich die Frage beantwortet, ob Google Page Creator, die neueste Beta aus dem Hause Google, Web 2.0 oder doch nur Web 1.0 ist. Aber – leider, leider – war ich nicht schnell genug, und die bereits von Google Analytics bekannte Marketingstrategie „extremely strong demand“ kam zum Zuge. Also bitte vorerst anderswo nachlesen.

Now who’s this editor for? It’s not for the professional web designer or site creator, I’d say, but rather for the quick’n’dirty, Geocities type of websites. It’s also not for bloggers, of course, as it creates a more traditional homepage. It’s not for the MySpace crowd (who likes to tinker with templates a lot), as it lacks social features. I can’t even see it for smaller companies wanting to have their own websites, as all sites at this time get the “” extension… and who’d want that?
Philipp Lenssen über die Zielgruppe von Google Page Creator