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„I want my MTV“

MTV Overdrive
In Amerika haben Fernsehsender damit begonnen, eigene Programme im Internet aufzubauen, berichtet die New York Times. Aber erst wenn die Mediaplaner ihre Etats umschichten, steht die Wachablösung wirklich vor der Tür.

"While MTV’s TV network is being criticized, its new Internet video service, MTV Overdrive,
is being praised as perhaps the slickest attempt yet to combine the
packaging of television with the interactivity of the Internet. With
one click, users can view dozens of shows – music video collections,
newscasts, artist interviews and supplements to MTV’s signature
programs like "The Real World." And with a second click, users can see the various segments that make
up those shows. They also can assemble a program of their choosing,
mixing and matching parts of any of those shows, as well as videos and
older programs from MTV’s archive of thousands."

NYT: "More People Turn to the Web to Watch TV"
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