Die Agentur der Zukunft

Ideas (Folie von StrawberrryFrog

Harter Stoff für jeden, der sich die Frage stellt, wie wohl die Agentur der Zukunft aussieht: die Keynote von Scott Goodson, dem Gründer von StrawberryFrog, gehalten vorgestern auf dem Future Marketing Summit in New York. (Man beachte übrigens die Werbung für den Kongress.)

Hier ein paar Appetithäppchen:

  • Die Agentur StrawberryFrog hat die Realisierung zu großen Teilen ausgelagert.

    We get to work with those who like their freedom, who don’t want to be smothered or scared to death by the environment of a big agency. We believe that pirates write better ads than the guys in the navy, because ideas which cut through the clutter can not be produced by disciplined committees.

  • Das Kreativnetzwerk OpenAd (über 7.000 registrierte Kreativschaffende) nennt sich selbst „the world’s biggest creativ department“. OpenAd liefert nur Ideen.
  • Das Gegenstück dazu ist The Department of Doing aus Neuseeland. Hier werden Ideen realisiert, bis die Schwarte kracht. Ideen bitte selbst mitbringen.
  • Goodson sagt über das neue Geschäftsmodell der Agenturen:

    The new business model requires a rethink of ideas as products – in other words, generating ideas that can be turned into actual products, and revenue streams that derive from the sale of these products.

  • Und über Innovation:

    In our industry, we talk a lot about innovation. Well, innovation is important because it’s a way to make money. And innovation for agencies only works when you can make a living out of it. The new agency model demands that we develop a new value culture, live by it and prove that it works where it needs to most – the bottom line.

  • Die Teams bei StrawberryFrog:

    Our creative teams have always included everyone, because we believe an idea can come from anyone.
    Our teams consist of a digital creative, a writer, art director, creative technologist, a designer, a business mind, a culturalogist, a PR mind, etc…

  • Was ist digital, was ist interaktiv?

    Digital is no longer one area of expertise – digital infuses every idea and every agency role.
    The fact that increasingly clients are awarding mainstream advertising accounts to interactive agencies, like IKEA hiring Agency.com as its lead agency, indicates that we need to rethink what we call “our skill base” and exactly what we value within it.

  • User-generated content is tired.

    There’s been a lot of talk about user-generated content. And my prediction for the future is the rise of user generated products.

  • Crowdsourcing ist schon mehr als nur eine Idee: CrowdSpirit